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Hello World! That is the first thing you usually see when you attach WordPress to a blog site. The idea behind this stems from the fact that you, the blogger, are opening up and letting others into your life. This site, Timid No More, is my attempt to let you into a little bit of my life. Actually, I’m going to let you into a lot of my life.

See, I turned 40 this past April, and I really wasn’t right with a lot of areas of my life. I didn’t like the way I looked physically. I didn’t like the way I felt spiritually. I wasn’t real happy financially. I guess the most disappointing thing is that I knew what needed to be done. I just wasn’t doing it.

I tipped the scales the first of May at a staggering 262 pounds. That is the most I had ever weighed. This was really depressing because I knew better than to let my body get out of control like that. My family has a history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. I was well on my way to having all three of those problems if I didn’t change something.

I was also disappointed with myself because I knew perfectly well what I had to do to stay healthy. Once upon a time many moons ago, I was a pretty decent athlete. I attended college on a football scholarship. I knew how to keep in shape. I had spent years trying to do just that.

Well, call it a midlife crisis, but I was determined to do something about it. On May 1 the day after my birthday, I set out to lose 40 pounds. It was my goal to get down to 220 pounds. The idea was to take the weight off, and then, I would work on toning my body so I could feel a little more presentable.

There were two principles that I would adhere to so I could complete my goal. I was going to exercise, and I was going to watch what I ate. I am proud to say that five months later, I weighed in at 218.5 pounds.

While reaching the goal was certainly gratifying, another part of me was again disappointed in myself. For years, I have convinced myself that I couldn’t get into shape for one reason or another. My job didn’t lend itself to being healthy. I didn’t have time to work out. My body couldn’t do the things it once did. All of these were excuses.

I had spent the better part of 20 years making one excuse after another. I was my biggest roadblock in becoming healthy. Think of how much easier life would have been if I had just decided that five months was all that I needed to get back into shape.

Of course, it does us no good to beat ourselves up over decisions we have made in the past. What we can do is take what we have learned and apply it to our lives in the most beneficial way. This really got me thinking about the other areas of my life that I wasn’t real happy about.

What if I took the next five months and devoted it to my spiritual well being? What if I took the next five months and applied it to my financial well being? What would my life look at in five months? Sure, not all of the problems would go away, but some of the worries that I had been struggling with might.

This is when I finally looked at my life spiritually. Isn’t that when we always look for guidance? It’s always when we need it the most. We fail to look for preventive spiritual guidance much like we fail to do preventative health measures.

Well, long story short, I found in the first day what would guide me the rest of my life in all areas of my life. I will just tell you straight up that I believe in a higher power. Particularly, I have always set out to let the Bible guide my life, and it was this day that I came across 2 Timothy 1:7.

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline.

This was a very convicting verse to me because timid is exactly what I had become. I had let a few failures in my life prevent me from reaching the goals I had set for myself physically, spiritually, and financially.

So, this is where this site comes in. This whole blog is going to be about recognizing that the Spirit God gave me gives me power, love, and self-discipline to reach the goals I set for myself.

We are going to look at ourselves physically. What have I done and What do you have to do to put yourself on the right track?

We are going to look at ourselves spiritually. How can the Bible be the guide that we need to set our life by?

We are going to look at ourselves financially. What can we do to make a little extra here and there to have a little more? What can I cut out here and there to have a little more?

Now, from time to time, there may be products that I recommend that I may be an affiliate for. This means that if you purchase something through a link on this site they will give me a portion of the dollars you spent. I can assure you that I will disclose this each and every time, and I will not put something on here that I do not use myself.

Other than that, I want this site to be fun for everyone. Please, reach out to me with any question that you might have. I will do my best to answer those in a 24 hour time period. Unfortunately, my current job sees me on the road so I am not available as much as I would like to be.

With that, let’s get started. Let’s use the Spirit to take control and guide us so we will be Timid No More. I look forward to the journey we are about to take together. God Bless!




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